Summer Yoga Practice?

A summer yoga practice can be a time where you find more time for practice in your schedule or less… depending on your lifestyle and family commitments.  You might attend yoga classes when you normally don’t, or attend more often. Or you may prefer to commit to a home practice.

A few ideas to help you find time for your summer yoga practice –

  • Commit to attend a yoga class
  • Leave your yoga mat rolled out or partially rolled out somewhere to remind you to get on the mat for even a few minutes each day
  • Allow more playfulness in your yoga practice – maybe add a little rhythm or dance movement.
  • Explore poses – let go of specific sequences or try different variations of specific poses. Perhaps variations of arm positions in Triangle pose. Perhaps choose just one or two poses that day to explore and notice sensations.
  • Take 5 minutes to breath – practice pranayama
  • Practice with friends
  • Practice outside in your yard or in nature.
  • Lengthen your time savasana – perhaps this becomes your whole practice for the day – a guided relaxation. 

Remember your practice can be a few minutes a day or a mini home retreat. Enjoy your practice and your summer!


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