Reflection and Gratitude

Happy New Year!  This is a great opportunity to give some thought to what you would like 2018 to be for you, but before setting intentions for the New Year it is worthwhile to reflect on 2017. Spend a little time to pause and ponder before moving forward. Here are a few questions that might help you in your reflection.

  • Is there anything that might be blocking me from moving forward in the New Year? What haven’t I fully acknowledged or processed?
  • What can I celebrate?   – family, goals achieved, something that went well or I did well, how I helped others
  • What can I be grateful for? – maybe something negative that turned into a positive, something or someone that makes my life richer, small things in daily life.
  •  Who would I like to celebrate or honor?  – someone in my life or someone I don’t know who inspired me or cared for me
  • What did I share with others in 2017? – my time, a smile, love, abundance, ideas
  • Have I learned anything about myself?
  • Am I where I would like to be?  Am I who I want to be? Be okay with whatever arises, whatever the answer is.  This may help to create a little energy to fire up  intentions for the coming year.
  • Is there something I need to let go of?  – a habit, belief, idea, relationship, stuff.  Can I simplify my life, decrease mental stress?

After contemplating the previous year, then consider your intentions for the new year. Perhaps for 2018 you might focus on gratitude and compassion rather than material goals.  Practicing gratefulness has been positively associated with overall well-being by improving optimism, increased feelings of belonging, and motivates physical health.  This practice also increases empathy for others.  Whatever your new year’s intentions are, may your heart be full of love and peace.

Peace, Gail


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